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Things keep moving along very well these days!  Coming up on the deadline for Maverick Rising, Bad Ass, Seiken Densetsu 3, and a whole bunch others.  NiGHTS final deadline December 1st, so I’m going to be keeping very close tabs on the musicians involved.

However, this post has some more awesomeness.  I recently started a heavy-duty pursuit to improve my mastering.  As a result, I have gone back and remastered quite a few tracks (both released and unreleased).  I will post links to the ones that have been released, so feel free to download these versions.  I feel that, while the versions of these songs originally released on other sites such as OCR and thasauce are still good and indicative of where I was musically at the time, these are considerable improvements.  Enjoy!

Level 99 – Chromium Asphyxiation

Level 99 – Fire in the Tires

Level 99 – Lunar Dioxide

Level 99 – Winter NiGHTS (Hey Dreamer)

Level 99 – Twin Seeds Flyby

I will probably post more as applicable.  I have yet to make enough improvement on the acoustic remixes to warrant any kind of remastered uploading.


Track on newly-released OCR project, OHC win, life in general

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Time always seems to slip away whenever I actually feel the urge to post.  I’m working a lot these days, both work-work and other-work.  It’s just hard to keep all my places up-to-date.  Taking care of OverClocked After Dark alone could be a full-time job!  Still, wouldn’t trade it for anything.

OCR recently released the first album, in a set of five, for Final Fantasy V.  The project is called The Fabled Warriors, and while the first album only has nine songs, they’re all from heavy hitters in the OCR world.  There’s a collab on the project from Avaris and myself.  Avaris helped fine-tune the production and did some tweaking on the backing instruments, while I did the majority of arrangement and performance.  It’s a very warm, acoustic song with orchestral backing.  Check out the track, called “A Healer’s Touch”, as well as the rest of the project here:

Final Fantasy V – The Fabled Warriors ~WIND

Also, for OHC099, i couldn’t help myself but to enter.  I mean, Level 99 has to participate in Compo 99, otherwise the balance of life as we know it is in jeopardy!  So I entered and, much to my surprise, I won! I never think my OHC entries are good enough, mostly because there’s never enough time for all the ideas I have to do, and I always get caught up in finding just the right synth/guitar sound/drum set.  Anyways, here’s the compo, and at the top of the list is my winning entry called “Nothing is out of reach”


NiGHT project is coming along well, as of this afternoon. Things were shaky the last few weeks, but now at least things seem to be stabilizing and we’re full speed ahead towards the final deadline! There’s so much art that we may need to figure out a different way to pack it in the physical distros besides an insert…

I recently finished my tracks for the Zelda: Links Awakening and Unsung Heroes projects.  I’ve really gotta focus on finishing my Mega Man X, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Bad Ass Boss Themes projects.  Finding time to do all that, and do work-work, AND sleep is a tough situation, but it’s something that I find myself thriving off of.

I should keep this short before the GF yells at me to go to bed again :P

My Lady: She keeps me in line. <3


Again, best birthday ever.

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Even though I didn’t do anything too special for it, the people in my life made yesterday again the best birthday ever.  On top of that, OC ReMix posted the track Avaris and myself did for the Xenogears project last year!  What a present!

Avaris, Level 99 – Quickening

It’s always wonderful working with Shaun, and for two reasons: one, he always knows exactly what to do, and two, he’s a very hard-headed friend.  This is why we mesh very well during collaborations, constantly fighting between happy & uplifting (which is usually my perspective of how songs should be) and sad & depressing (Shaun has a literal distaste for happy music).  The result ends up being a mixture of both.

For this song, the most remarkable thing was how quickly it came together.  I had listened to some Xenogears songs from time to time previously, the majority of my Mitsuda experience coming from Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, but actually never heard either “Small of Two Pieces” or “Faraway Promise” until talking with Shaun on the phone that day.  He was literally bouncing the waves to mp3s for the Humans + Gears project and said it was a shame no one has done Faraway Promise.  He sent me a link to the original song and I said simply “so how do we get it on there”.  We decided to challenge ourselves to push out one more song on the album before release, and within 24 hours, we had made the majority of what was Quickening.  A few weeks later, the project came out.  The project itself is really really good, so definitely check it out.

Again, really good birthday, and a nice track.  Oh, and I’m submitting a song to OCR today.

*waves at the song*

See you in the judge’s queue!


One finished track, one new WIP, secret project underway, etc.

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Wow, I had the fullest of intentions to update this as often as possible.  Sorry guys.  Here’s all what’s been going on lately:

Otakon was amazing, and the OCAD crew got great footage of the OCR and OCAD panels.  Check the OCAD site for more updates on that as editing gets started.

New track posted on ReMix:thasauce.  It was a collab I did with Gario for a Battletoads & Double Dragon song.  It’s called Rocket Slam!  Enjoy:

Been working steadily on the remake of my old Dire Dire Docks remix.  You can check the progress of it on the OCR WIP thread:

Got some secret stuff going on with a new project that’s getting underway.  Major development wont begin for quite a few months but it’s shaping up to be pretty killer.

Other things going on in the background but I will find time to do a more proper update and decorate my site a little bit more.

Oh, and I turn 25 this Thursday.  Quarter-of-a-century-old.  I think I will eat falafel and a cupcake that evening :D

NiGHTS teaser track + New Remix done

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Alright, so two things went on in the last few weeks.

1) It was NiGHTS’s 14th birthday last Monday, so in honor of that, I threw together a little video to put over one of the final tracks for the NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming project and released it online.  It’s also in a video for the campaign.  Anyways, here’s the video:

NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming Teaser Track (OC ReMix Album)

Also, you can download the track here:

Level 99 – Twin Seeds Flyby

This is all definitely old-ish news but I gotta use this blog for something!

2) I finished a remix of a track from Rad Racer 2 for the NES.  The song has been subbed to both remix:thasauce and OCR and will go through the motions there, but in the mean-time you can download it here (you candid folks, you!).  It’s of the track Gum Ball Crash, and the remix is called Fire in the Tires:

Level 99 – Rad Racer 2 – Fire in the Tires

It’s a lot closer to a cover than my other stuff, because I love the source tune so much.  I did make some original parts and think I variated it enough to keep it from being a cover.  Enjoy!

Made a site

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Yup, I did.  I made a site.  This will serve as the central hub where you can find all the stuff I’ve worked on.  I’ll be posting about:

* New Songs

* Work on my projects

* Random bloggy stuff

* Higher quality versions of released tracks

* And it even comes with an egg slicer!

I’ve already made a few pages with links out to the majority of my released stuff, and there will be more coming soon!

Pantech Burst Files

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I’m mirroring a number of files frequently accessed or requested for the Pantech Burst.  Massive thanks to the developers who’ve been working on it.  I will list authors as I know them.  If you feel you should be listed, send me a message.

Authors: attn1, davepmer, marcusmarcus, jcase, IOMonster, etc.


Pantech Burst Love, Anyone?  Anyone?

Pantech Burst Essentials

Recovery Files:

Original CWM for GB (, also works on ICS)

ICS Touch CWM (, beta, unsure if working on GB)


Stock GB (11/28/11 Original) modified from original to work with CWM and, tested

Stock GB (03/12/12 Update) modified from original to work with CWM and, tested

Stock GB (06/25/12 Update) modified from original to work with CWM and, tested

Stock ICS (10/03/12 Original) CWM and tested

Debuggable Debloated init.d Stock ICS (10/03/12 Original) CWM and tested

Nick’s Custom ICS (JB launcher, some AT&T removed, root, retain bootloader, build.prop tweaks and so on) CWM and tested





GB Prestoroot (Repotedly works on ICS as well)


For any of these files, if you don’t know how to use them, go to the threads and read.  I am not responsible if you break your phone in any way, shape, or form, neither are the developers who created these files.

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