Remixes, originals, compos, and maybe stuff about me.

VGMix 2.0

These are all my songs from VGMix 2.0.  I lost the project files a long time ago so, unfortunately, these mp3′s are the best it’s going to get for these old songs.  The majority of it all was live performance anyways.  For example, on Summer Action Hero Megaman, the drums and non-guitar stuff was all from this Casio keyboard I had back in the day.  Oh well, I had little-to-no idea what I was doing and some of this stuff is still enjoyable.

Level 99 – A Windy Whimsical

Level 99 – Chrono’s Destruction of Venice

Level 99 – Instinctive Oblivion

Level 99 – Just Keep Swimming

Level 99 – Memories from Millenia Ago

Level 99 – River City Revenge

Level 99 – Storm Over Blue City

Level 99 – Summer Action Hero Megaman

Level 99 – The Primitive Rhythm

Level 99 – The Pub Down the Street

Level 99 – Unplug the Katamari

Level 99 and Jredd – Falling….Falling….

Level 99 and Jredd – The Donkey Way

Level 99 and The Prophet of Mephisto – Chosen

Level 99 and The Prophet of Mephisto – Drowning in a Pool of Infinity